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Who’s Really Failing?


April 5, 2011

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Who’s Really Failing?

With the semester winding down, students are turning in final exams, assignments and some even extra credit in a last stitch effort to improve their grades.

While some students will get the go ahead to move forward in their education, others will slowly lag in last place and more than likely see their teacher again in the near future.

A Cameron freshman, who has been attending for two years, said,” I had to repeat two different courses during my time at Cameron University, Developmental Writing & Introduction to Computer Science.” While in these classes she found it very difficult to understand either of them and gave them poor evaluations.

The real question lingering in our minds is when is it a good time to step in when a good majority of students are repeating courses several times in their college careers.

The blame, according to this student, was on the teachers’ and their inability to assist her. “I would say it is the teacher’s fault simply because when I did ask for help by going to their offices they didn’t want to help me.” The freshman student eventually made a B in the course the second time around.

A Cameron Junior, who has repeated four classes, also said,” I was aware that anatomy was a difficult class but in my opinion, the teacher made the class extremely difficult.”

Cameron Junior said that due to an illness, she was unable to attend three of the four classes, and the teachers’ were not willing to work with her.

If the same course is offered by a different teacher with some of the same information but less work load, students who have taken the more “difficult” class with more work should feel cheated out of the grade they worked so hard for.

Cameron Junior also said,” I ended up taking the class again but with a different teacher and I was able to make A’s & B’s without the incredible work load of my past class.”

At $433.50 a pop, no favorite teacher is worth repeating their class several times but unfortunately that is the case for some students.

A Cameron Senior, who has repeated two classes gave her opinion,” The second time I took the course I generally choose to take it with a different professor to help gain a new perspective on the material. And it is when I’m taking a course for the second time that I discover the course work is not identical; it varies in degree of difficulty based on who is teaching the course.”

In frustration, she added,” I think it comes about when teachers put more emphasis on specific areas in the curriculum they truly feel benefit the student. But say for example, you have another instructor who is teaching the material just as it is, it’s seems like less material because it is not being plowed through as deep. The input of additional emphasis creates an output equal to more material to cover, more studying, and an overall ‘harder’ class from the student’s perspective.



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Communication in Romantic Relationships Workshop


February 16, 2011

News writing

Dr. S

Communication in Romantic Relationships Workshop

In the midst of Valentine’s Day, while some couples are trying to find the perfect gift for their sweetheart, others are struggling to find good communication. In the search to find better ways to communicate with your partner, The Student Wellness Center has finally offered you a solution.

In an effort to help students improve communication skills in their relationships, The Student Wellness Center is offering a workshop for Communication in Romantic Relationships. To have a long lasting relationship or to possibly gain one, communication is one of the most impor6tant factors in keeping a relationship and could be the downfall if not used at all. The workshop intends to help not only troubled couples but also singles who have trouble staying in a relationship due to their lack of communication skills.

 Some may be thinking that their relationships are near perfect and that they don’t need counseling or a workshop but I digress conflict is inevitable in any relationships hence the Barbie and Ken break up a few years back. You may be asking yourself, well why did they break up?  To answer that it’s because of their obvious lack of communication and the fact that their mouths were glued shut so they could never say what was really on their minds. In an interview with Cameron sophomore Kiera Leverette she added “Of course no one is perfect and people aren’t always going to do everything you’d like but if you truly love that person, you compromise. Just ask yourself, can i not live with what this person is doing; is it effecting me, emotionally, physically or mentally? Or is it just really annoying that they leave the top off the toothpaste? We just don’t things that are not going to affect us, mess up what we’ve built”. Cameron freshman Amber Briscoe, said,” to make a union last there has to be trust and honesty in a relationship. If you really care for one another they’ll look past any differences or flaws and love you for you!”

Contrary to popular belief, not all College students are single in fact some are married and have children. In an interview Cameron senior Destiny Barker gave this advice, “Since we knew each other since first grade, we were pretty comfortable around each other and we had a lot in common, which can sometimes be the glue 🙂 Also, we made a lot of effort to get to know and spend time with each others families. Now, it’s just one big life instead of two small ones. It goes from me to we when it gets real.Well, we did a lot of typical things like not going to bed mad, never leaving in a middle of a fight, and respecting each other’s space. We never blamed each other for the rough times we went through and we found ways to make life… comfortable. Since we knew each other since first grade, we were pretty comfortable around each other and we had a lot in common, which can sometimes be the glue. Also, we made a lot of effort to get to know and spend time with each other’s families. Now, it’s just one big life instead of two small ones. It goes from me to we when it gets real”.

While you’re out finding your sweetheart a box of chocolates and a bear, add your name on the list for the workshop. Communication in Romantic Relationships workshop will be located at the Shepler Center Centennial on February 22, 2011 but ensure that you have a seat saved by contacting Sheila T Hodge-Windover at the Student Wellness Center. 

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News Story 3


March 6, 2011

News Writing

Dr. S

What’s up with PRSSA

As the semester is winding down, students are slowly easing into the relaxation of the warm weather with open toed shoes and less clothing but while some are stuck daydreaming in class about lazy summer nights, PRSSA is gearing up for it’s next project.

The Public Relations Student Society has come a long way from a student club to being added to the roster of the national association based in New York last year. While the chapter remains small, its members actively participate in events at Cameron University and around the city as well as organizing events to boost membership.

Recently, PRSSA started working with the Lawton Philharmonic Orchestra in an effort to help build attendance of orchestra performances by college and high students in Lawton. Cameron advisor Dr. Crandon said, “Right now we have two clients, LPO & Special Olympics, which are both nonprofit organizations and in the past we have also worked with the Cavs. I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say we landed the account with LPO because they are in need of our expertise.”

The LPO poses a particular interest to him because it has a specific challenge that is not easily mended with busy work, but actual time and problem solving.  To be able to present the challenge to the PRSSA students by representatives eager to listen to their ideas is excellent.

The LPO also has an education outreach program that targets elementary school students and recently held a contest showcasing their artistic ability over classical music with nearly 4,000 entries.

Dr. Crandon added,” The challenge of PRSSA is the young adults, young listeners and getting them involved with the arts with the Lawton Philharmonic Orchestra.”

Networking doesn’t stop there in fact they are scheduled to attend the national assembly in Seattle from the 31st of March to the 3rd of April.

Cameron Senior and Communications major Hannah Muirhead said, “This conference is where delegates from each school vote on the members of the national board, such as president, vice-president, and so on. I will be there for four days and there are many opportunities for networking with other PRSSA students as well as PRSA members from around Washington.”

Along with opportunities of networking Muirhead, who was the elected delegate of PRSSA to attend the national assembly said,” I will get the chance to take leadership classes and sit in on round table discussions with other delegates to talk about chapter problems and solutions. I hope to also learn a lot from the different classes I will be taking and bring my new knowledge to our chapter.”

The national assembly gives the opportunity for others members across the nation to run for office in the national committee Muirhead said, “The main goal of the weekend, however, is to vote in new officers. The new officers assume office in May and soon after that there is a leadership rally for chapter presidents to welcome the new committee. This weekend is important because it sets the precedence for the entire year.”


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Beauty of Nature-Images from Photojournalism I

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Life After Graduation

 Your name is called as you make your way from seat to stage in the last performance in your career. As your walking, you remember all the work put into making this moment worth it from the late nights with a Starbucks grande and a book of cliff notes to the combination of creating a PowerPoint and outline for a speech, fifteen page paper on the rise and fall of business woman Carly Fiorina, along with an exam on the Behaviorist theories and reinforcement experiments of Skinner, all that so happen to be due on the same day and all while maintaining a full time job and membership in a student organization.

As you reach over to shake the hand of the Professor that put you through these grueling nights, you look back and smile at these bitter sweet moments that got you where you are today. After the tassels are shifted to the other side and caps are thrown into the air of the black and gold crowd, the one thing lingering on your mind during this momentous occasion is life after graduation.

From the moment a student begins College,the future of your career is always a constant on your mind. In fact, by going to college it says that you are wanting to further your education in hopes of getting a better chance in the career world with a job opportunity. These days, the odds of a guaranteed job after college in this market can be intimidating being that most students coming straight out of college will not get a full time job within their first year after graduation.

So what really happens after college? While some will be stuck on their computer searching through the job search engine, there are a rare few that will be able to find success in their profession and use the last four years of education to contribute.

Andre Jasper hopes to be one of the rare few to achieve this success after he graduates this year from Cameron.

Jasper, who is a Cameron Senior and Business Management major, said,” I always felt like one day I wanted to be my own boss, I wanted to be an entrepreneur so I felt like the Business management major would be the best way for me to learn how to take care of a business, run a business, and manage a business, that’s why I choose business management.

As far as achieving a Master’s degree in business, Jasper said that he still wanted to purse this degree by taking some classes at Cameron but he has still been looking at other universities as well to find a gift for his profession.

Recently, Jasper said that he has been looking for internships in Lawton so that he can gain more experience and be prepared for the career world in the business management field.

Jasper said,”Honestly there has been a couple of local businesses that I have been looking at but I want to do something bigger in the music industry when I graduate from school  so right now I’ve been looking up addresses from different record companies and labels to contact them to eventually get an internship.” He added that he would love to  be apart of a marketing team for a big hip hop label such as Def Jam or Interscope Records.

With his experiences at Cameron, Jasper weighed in on how prepared he actually felt upon graduation. Jasper concluded,” I definitely feel my experiences getting to know different people, different cultures, interacting and networking period, helped prepare me for my future career in the music industry.”

Cameron Senior and Criminal Justice major Keriena Bruell is looking forward to graduation as well but not so much furthering her education with a Master’s degree. Bruell said,” I thought about going to law school, but I cant afford it. At the moment I’m getting ready to look for jobs in my fields.”

Though she has not pursued any internships or apprenticeships during her college days, Bruell gives credit to her department for preparing her for life after college graduation.

Bruell concluded,” The Criminal Justice department at Cameron is top notch. The teachers have all worked within their fields and provided me with all the information I need to be successful in myfuture career.”

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